30th Anniversary Edition

30th Anniversary Edition

In the early 1980’s, motivated by a desire to broaden the scope of international polo, as well as to restore the sport’s Olympic status, Marcos Uranga, then President of the Argentine Polo Association, proposed that an international organization be formed among the polo playing countries of the world. The initial meetings took place in Buenos Aires, and by April of 1982, the Federation of International Polo, quickly known as “FIP,” was created. FIP’s first President was Marcos Uranga.
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FIP Office

President; Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers
2 Dorchester Court
77 Sloan Street, London SW1X 9SE England
  +44 7880 555 555            
 +(44) 20 7486 2600               Email: nicholas@fippolo.com

office@fippolo.com  sandy@fippolo.com

CEO: Alejandro (Alex) Taylor
Sinclair 3139
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Zip code: C1425FRE
Telephone: +54 (11) 47761431
fdelsel@fippolo.com      ataylor@fippolo.com

Zone D Asia/Africa/Oceania:

FIP Legal Counsel: Robert de By
Offices in London and Los Angeles