Mission Statement

• Enhance the image and stature of the great game of polo on an international level.

• Promote the practice of the sport worldwide.

• Unite the polo associations of the many countries that play the sport under one Federation and one International rule.

• Promote the sport to FIP members through coaching clinics and tournaments for children.

• Promote the concepts of friendship, team spirit, equality, respect, integration and embrace the idea of fair play and safety.

Objectives of the Federation

1. Promote uniform, international (FIP) rules and handicaps which are agreed upon and publicized by each of the national associations.

These rules would then be universal rules to provide uniformity in the sport. FIP will continue to promote an annual conference with the Hurlingham, Argentine and United States Polo Associations to develop a set of international rules and actively promote the use of those rules for FIP Members and international polo tournaments.

2. Promote tournaments:

•  World Championships every three years
•  Ambassadors Tournaments
•  JuniorsTournaments and clinics
•  Seniors and Vintners Tournaments
•  International tournaments

3. Create a network of communications between clubs and between players.

 4. Encourage an exchange of ideas and cultures by :

•  Exchange of club members through individual invitation
•  Exchange of ideas, skills, and sportsmanship
•  Exchange between national associations

5. Increase public awareness by:

•  Promote polo by participating in the Olympics, Pan American Games, Southeast Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and in all regions of the world where international athletics are exhibited to provide maximum exposure of polo to sports enthusiasts.
•  Promote the sport via advertising, media coverage and merchandising.
•  Exposing the several thousand years of history of the game.
•  Displaying and demonstrating the players’ and horses athletic skills.

6. Develop programs

•  National Associations, Delegates and the FIP Ambassadors.

Providing clinics for playing skills, umpiring, and horsemanship and horse training