FIP Polo Ladies Championship

Day 4


A fantastic Italian team triumphed in the final of the third edition of the U.S. Polo Assn. FIP Ladies European Polo Championship, at the Polo Club La Mimosa in Pogliano Milanese. The Italians beat England 6.5-6, therefore also thanks to a 0.5 handicap advantage. In the final for third and fourth positions it was Ireland that beat Germany 5-3 in a penalty shootout after the match had been cancelled due to bad conditions following heavy rain that this morning obliged the Organising Committee to postpone the match for first and second place by an hour from 9 to 10 AM.

England’s Heloise Wilson Smith won the prize for the best player in the championships.

For Italy this was the second European gold medal after winning the first edition in Chantilly in 2018 (winning silver in 2019 at Villa a Sesta, beaten by Germany in the final). The Ladies’ success follows by just a week the Men’s Team win at the European Champions in Sotogrande, Spain.


It was a very exciting final played on a field that held up in spite of the heavy rain that fell at La Mimosa earlier in the morning. England needed to come back after started off half a goal down and began strongly with Heloise Wilson Smith brilliantly exploiting a defensive indecision by the Italians early on in the game. The host team reacted quickly, in particular with Camila Rossi scoring from 40 yards after a penalty and ending the first chukka 1-1. The English took the lead in the second chukka in which goals were scored first by Emma Tomlinson Wood, from 40 yards and then by Millie Hughes, who close to the goal posts managed to score off an amazing backhander played by Wilson Smith. In this fast-changing scenario Italy came back to 3-3 with two goals by Rossi, but it was England who was in the lead at the end of the fourth chukka on 4-3, following a penalty that Wood put through the goal posts. The Italians played a real leading role in a fifth chukka that will be remembered, with three goals scored by Rossi and the other rider of Italian origin Maitana Marré. England reacted strongly back at 6-4 for Italy scoring two more goals thanks to Wilson Smith and Hughes, but on 6-6 the team coached by Franco Piazza controlled their opponents last ditch attempts and won 6.5-6 thanks to handicapping.

“It has been a difficult week due to Costanza Marchiorello’s injury in the first match against England – said veteran player Ginevra Visconti, who had contributed to winning the gold medal in 2017 in Chantilly as well as silver in 2018 at Villa a Sesta – The girls however were all brilliant, from Camila Rossi to Alice Coria and Maitana Marré, and winning rewarded us for all the problems we have had to overcome. Obviously this win is dedicated to Costanza Marchiorello, who watched all the marches live from the clinic in which she is hospitalised after breaking her left malleolus.”

Alessandro Giachetti is responsible for the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation’s Polo Department: “These have been two rather intense weeks for us and we are immensely satisfied to have managed to win both European titles first with the Men’s Team and then with the Ladies. It sends an important signal for Italian polo, an additional stimulus to continue to work well especially with the young so as to ensure this sport becomes more popular.”

The federation’s coach Franco Piazza who also coached the Ladies after winning gold with the Men’s Team in Spain said, “These have been two difficult wins, especially for the Ladies after Marchiorello was injured. But they all played brilliantly especially in the final against England.”


The bronze medal was assigned resorting to a penalty shootout with two series of three shots. Ireland entrusted the job to Ina Lalor, Siobhan Herbst and April Kent, brilliant in avoiding any mistakes. Germany instead fielded Eva Bruhl, Hana Grill and Marie Haupt, getting off to a bad start with a miss by Bruhl and then surrendering when Grill too missed.


Sunday, September 26th: final 1st – 2nd place Italy – England 6.5-6; final 3rd – 4th place Ireland – Germany 5-3
Saturday September 25th: – Italy – Ireland 5-4 / England – Germany 4-2
Thursday September 23rd: England – Italy 6-5.5 / Germany – Ireland 6-5.5
Wednesday September 22nd: Italy – Germany 6.5-6 / Ireland – England 7.5-3


The championship played at La Mimosa Polo Club was the third edition of the FIP
Ladies European Polo Championship.
The first was played in 2017 in Chantilly (France) and won by Italy with a team that
beat France 5-3 in the final. The second edition was played in 2018 at Villa a Sesta
(Italy) with Germany taking gold beating Italy 9-4.5.
The only team to have played in all three finals, Italy is now the only team to have
won twice thanks to its success in this Championship in Italy

Day 3


England and Italy are the finalists in the third edition of the US Polo Assn.-FIP Ladies European Polo Championshipscheduled for tomorrow at 9 AM, earlier than planned due to the risk of bad weather. Today in the third and last qualifying matches played at the Polo Club La Mimosa in Pogliano Milanese, England and Italy respectively beat Germany 4-2 and Ireland 5-4. The two defeated teams will play the finals for third and fourth place today at 10.30 AM.

The previous two editions of the FIP Ladies European Polo Championship were won by Italy (in 2018 in Chantilly) and by Germany (in 2019 at Villa a Sesta). Italy and England have already played each other in the qualifying matches last Thursday with the English winning 6-5.5. The hosts will have a 0.5 handicap advantage in tomorrow’s final.


After saving the day just 40 seconds before the end of Thursday’s match against Italy, England played a great match against Germany. After a goalless first chukka the English got going scoring goals in the next two chukkas with two by Emma Tomlinson Wood and one from Millie Hughes. After another goalless chukka and three mistakes made by Eva Bruhlfollowing advantageous fouls, Germany caught up with goals scored by Bruhl and Hana Grill which resulted in a 3-2 score for England. However, their opponents reacted quickly and a really splendid goal was scored by Heloise Wilson Smith (who took control of the ball far from the goals posts and counterattacking at top speed managed to score from a difficult position) marking the end of the match with a score of 4-2.

“We are delighted to be in the final,” said Fran Townsend , “and for a chance to play for the title. It wasn’t easy to beat Germany and the early three goal advantage was really important. I am particularly delighted because I heard that Costanza Marchiorello’s surgery went well.” Townsend works as an ER doctor in two London hospitals and had been providential on Thursday in assisting the Italian after a fall in which she had broken her foot.

Click here for VIDEO of the match


The last qualifying match had a breath-taking final and Italy won the day at 5-4 with a golden goal scored after 2’36” of the extra chukka (the match had ended 4-4 and without a golden goal there would have been a penalty shootout). The Italians were ahead on two occasions, initially thanks to Ginevra Visconti and later with Maitana Marré, but Ina Lalor always caught up with them and on this occasion too was the best player on the Irish team. In the fourth chukka Sioban Herbstexploited Italy’s weak defence and took Ireland into a 3-2 lead and Caroline Keeling scored the 4-3 goal after Camila Rossihad scored following a foul. Rossi was also infallible after the 30-yard penalty and with Italy 4-4 just 35″ from the end of the match and then above all scoring the decisive 5-4 just 1’24” before going to a penalty shootout.

“It was tough,” said Camila Rossi, also born in Argentina like Maitana Narré to a family of Italian origin, “But we were brilliant and never gave up. Now we need to think positive for tomorrow’s match; Let’s go get the gold!!”

Click here for VIDEO of the match

Wednesday: Italy-Germany 6.5-6, Ireland-England 7.5-3. Thursday: England-Italy 6-5.5; Germany-Ireland 6-5.5.
Today: Germany-England 2-4,  Italy-Ireland 5-4. Tomorrow/Sunday at 9.00 am final
for 1st and 2nd place Italy-England and at 10.00 am final for 3rd and 4th place Ireland-Germany.

Plenty of time for the U.S. Polo Assn.-III FIP Ladies European Polo Championship on @PoloLineTv which will
broadcast all the matches. Finals (Sunday September
26 th ) will also be broadcast live and in streaming not only on @PoloLineTv but also on the Italian Equestrian
Sports Federation websites (

News Equi-Equipe / Ph. Fabio Petroni

Day 2

After the second day of play at the third edition of the 'US Polo Assn.-FIP Ladies European Polo
Championship, hosted by the Polo Club La Mimosa in Pogliano Milanese, everything remains to be decided.
The teams that lost on day one both made a comeback (England-Italy 6-5.5 and Germany-Ireland 6-5.5)
and now every team has won and lost a match. Saturday’s matches will be decisive in establishing who
qualifies for Sunday’s finals when the winner will be decided.
In the first match England beat Italy 6-5.5, at the end of a game suspended for a long time following an
injury during the third chukka when the captain of the Italian team Costanza Marchiorello was hurt
(breaking her left foot in a fall). When play resumed with England leading 3-2.5, the Italians fielded
Costanza’s sister Vittoria Marchiorello, trying to contain the strong opponents. Heloise Wilson Smith was
the best player on the winning team, scoring four of the six goals for England, well supported by Emma
Tomlinson Wood and Millie Hughes who scored the other two goals. Italy’s Camilla Rossi scored two goals
following fouls with the other goal scored during the first chukka by Costanza Marchiorello.
The match between Germany and Ireland was even more exciting, with the Germans off to a brilliant start
ending the first chukka 3-1.5 with one goal each scored by Hana Grill, Eva Bruhl and Marie Haupt and
starting the second chukka on a brilliant 4-1.5. Ireland soon made a comeback in particular thanks to
Siobhan Herbst and Ina Lalor, but after managing to get to 4-3.5 the last two goals scored by Grill and Bruhl
guaranteed Germany a win. The second foul that led to a goal scored by Lalor resulted in the match
finishing on 6-5.5.
Yesterday: Italy-Germany 6.5-6, Ireland-England 7.5-3. Today: England-Italy 6-5.5; Germany-Ireland 6-5.5.
Tomorrow day off. Saturday at 3 pm Germany-England and at 5 pm Italy-Ireland. Sunday at 10.30 am final
for 3 rd and 4 th place and at midday the final for 1 st and 2 nd place.
Plenty of time for the U.S. Polo Assn.-III FIP Ladies European Polo Championship on @PoloLineTv which will
broadcast all the matches. Matches on day 3 (Saturday September 25 th ) and the finals (Sunday September
26 th ) will also be broadcast live and in streaming not only on @PoloLineTv but also on the Italian Equestrian
Sports Federation websites ( and the La Mimosa Polo Club (

Day 1


The third edition of the US Polo Assn.-FIP Ladies European Polo Championship, held at the Polo Club La
Mimosa, in Pogliano Milanese, started with a few surprises. In the first match played the Italian hosts beat
outgoing champions from Germany 6.5-6, while in the second match Ireland beat England 7.5-3.

The Italians started with a 2.5 goal lead, an advantage determined by the team’s lower handicap (12
compared to Germany’s 16). In the first chukka (the match consists of 6 chukkas each lasting 4.30 minutes)
the Italians moved into the lead with a goal scored by team captain Costanza Marchiorello. It was a
particularly exciting match with two teams ready to equalise the scores shot by shot. Eva Bruhl (hp6) was
the top player for Germany scoring four of the five goals in spite of being injured during the first chukka,
but Italian newcomers to the team Alice Coria and in particular Camila Rossi, immediately revealed a
significant understanding with veteran players Marchiorello and Ginevra Visconti, essential for keeping
Germany at bay. Marchiorello was decisive in the last chukka when with a double last minute save she
avoided Italy taking another goal which would have meant losing the match.
“Germany had beaten us in the final three years ago – said Marchiorello – so tension was really high, but we
were ready and had the determination we needed after all the training we managed to do together in
recent weeks. Having gotten off to a good start with that first early goal we started to show what we could
do. It wasn’t easy to contain their attempts to make a comeback but we did well to keep cool right to the
Starting off with half a goal advantage thanks to handicapping, the Irish surprised the English thanks to a
very united foursome that took turns to show off the skills of every player one by one, in particular Ina
Lalor. Among the English players Heloise Wilson Smith and Emma Tomlinson Wood played hard to make a
late comeback that was however kept well under control by the Irish thanks to four goals scored in the first
three chukkas.

Today: Italy-Germany 6.5-6, Ireland-England 7.5-3.
Tomorrow: at 3 pm Italy-England and at 5 pm Germany-Ireland.
Friday: day off.
Saturday at 3 pm Germany-England and at 5 pm Italy-Ireland.
Sunday at 10.30 am final for 3 rd and 4 th place and at midday final for 1 st and 2 nd place.

Total free streaming of all the US Polo Assn.-FIP Ladies European Polo Championship matches will be
available on @PoloLineTv, where they will remain posted for later viewing. The semi-final matches

(Saturday 25 th ) and finals (Sunday 26 th ) will be broadcast live streaming on @PoloLineTv and on the Italian
Equestrian Sports Federation website ( as well as that of the event